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[Powerball-big lottery-60-61693xxa5mkw]Host Kapil Sharma says: "It is rightly said that our country has abundant talent. Shikhar and Prithvi are exceptional cricketers but they are hidden artists as well."Are you planning to launch a web app based business? We know the most challenging thing in a business is coming up with great web app ideas that are unique and promising enough to become a million-dollar company. A business’ real worth is not in the money it has or the assets. The real worth of a digital business is in the potential of the web application idea and the heights you reach with your efforts. Well, you can also offer services of your non-tech startup online via a web app. So, we’ve done the leg work with the research and found the 30 best web app ideas to make money that will be trending in 2022. If you already own a business, but don’t have enough capital to build a mobile app, you can convert your business website into a web app at a lower cost. The web app ideas we’ve listed differ in purpose as well as execution format. So, these ideas for web apps fall into one of the following five categories: I. Enterprise Level Web App Ideas II. Web Application Ideas for B2B Clients III. Web App Ideas for B2C IV. Most Unique Ideas for Web Apps V. Web App Ideas for Small Budget List of Top 30 Web App Project Ideas 1. Mall On Wheels Delivery 2. Reservation Platform 3. Online Storage Space 4. On-Demand Commercial Transportation 5. Buy & Sell Platform 6. e-Wallet & Digital Payment 7. CEO Dashboard 8. Chatbot Hosting 9. CRM for Startups & Small Businesses 10. Docket Management System 11. Retreat Management Platform 12. Employee Orientation Software 13. Job Recruitment Web App 14. eCommerce Website/Drop Shipping 15. All Kinds of Service Platform 16. Online Gamer Platforms 17. Deals, Coupon, Referrals Platform 18. Digital Personal Assistant 19. AI-Browser Cookies 20. YouTube Radio 21. Startup Club 22. Personalized Q&A Forum 23. Family Web App 24. Crime Alert 25. Machine Learning Astrology 26. SleepTube – Hypnotic Relaxation Music 27. Hobby Connect 28. Review Web App like IMDb 29. Memes & GIFs Portal 30. Social Platform Alert Mobile apps are only available for smartphone

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